Social Responsibility

You're making a difference, one online shopping experience at a time.

As a mother, I am passionate about supporting disadvantaged women, particularly Colombian single mothers. Macaw achieves this through socially responsible employment offering significant real-life benefits.

Colombia is a country of high unemployment, where women and single mothers often face barriers to employment and receive only substandard wages.

The makers of Macaw fabrics are 90% women, the majority of whom are the lone providers of financial support for their families. These Medellin craftspeople are paid a fair wage and are proud of their work. These women also receive access to student loans, home loans, and free events to develop a supportive community.

The family and community programs we create for our Colombian artisans and their children will increase and expand as the Macaw brand does the same. 

So be loud and proud in your Macaw gear – you are changing lives for the better!
While wearing finest quality garments hand-made with love and care 💛💙❤️

I made your clothes

 English translation: I made your clothes