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Product benefits


Your comfort and confidence are our priority, so we put our fabrics to the test before they make it into our collections. We’ve selected high-performing fabrics that we know will support and sculpt your body through yoga, high-intensity workouts and everything in between.

Here are the fabrics that made the cut.


Supplex is one of our favourite high-performance fabrics to work with here at Macaw. You’ll find it throughout our collections, from crop tops to leggings, because it’s that good.

The highlight: Supplex is blended with elastane so it delivers serious support with just the right amount of stretch for unrestricted movement. It’s buttery-soft and breathable, wicking away sweat for that comfortable, dry feeling.

It provides full coverage, delivering confidence and a feel-good vibe whether you’re at Pilates or HIIT class. It’s highly durable too, so Macaw’s vibrant colours will stay put, wash after wash.


PowerSlim is an elasticated fabric with a hexagonal thread pattern that delivers multi-directional stretch and a comfortable light compression.

The highlight: We chose PowerSlim for the way it fits perfectly to the body while sculpting and supporting natural curves. The built-in PowerSlim butt lift bands give a natural boost.

Moisture-wicking and air circulation properties draw sweat away from the body during high intensity workouts and keep you feeling dry and confident. The material dries quickly too, so unsightly sweat patches disappear quickly.

Macaw has incorporated a double layer of PowerSlim in its wide waistbands for more control, a flatter-looking tummy and a sculpted waist and back.


We love DuraFit for its weightless feel and ability to withstand the wear and tear of an active lifestyle.

The highlight: DuraFit is a multifilament fabric, meaning the yarn is made from more than one type of textile strand, resulting in a stronger, more versatile material. This delivers moderate compression to shape the figure.

What this means for Macaw wearers is that their incredibly comfortable and supportive sportswear will last the test of time, and hold its bright colours through countless machine washes.

The cotton-soft DuraFit fabric is breathable and has anti-bacterial and moisture wicking properties to keep you feeling fresh through your workout or while zipping around town on particularly busy days.