About us



I’m Liliana: a proud Colombian, a wife, a mother – and the Creative Director of Macaw.

Our activewear shares the very best of Colombia, a country known for its exotic landscapes, bright colours, hip-shaking music, and positive vibes only. You’ll find this energetic influence in the tropical prints, vibrant patterns and flattering cuts of Macaw clothing.

We are on a mission to empower women of all shapes and sizes. Part of our commitment to body positivity is creating activewear from the highest quality material so you can take on the world with confidence. The Colombian flair is an added extra to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Each Macaw product is handcrafted by local artisans located in the Colombian city of Medellin, which is considered one of the best textile producing regions in the world.

Join us as we share the Colombian spirit and a message of love and support: for our bodies and for each other, as mothers, daughters, wives and sisters – as women.  


Read on to learn more on how I empower women through Macaw’s socially responsible employment and production!


You're making a difference, one online shopping experience at a time.


Macaw is more than an activewear brand. It’s a movement.

As a mother and a proud Colombian, supporting disadvantaged women and single mothers is a cause close to my heart.

Colombia has a high unemployment rate, and women face unfair barriers to employment and receive substandard wages. Often, these women are single mothers and the sole provider for their families.

Macaw’s socially responsible employment program ensures that 90 percent of the Medellin artisans who create our activewear are women. We make sure they are paid a fair wage, and receive access to real-life benefits such as home and student loans. We host events to help develop a strong, supportive community where these women feel safe, and part of the Macaw family. 

As Macaw flourishes, so too will our family and community programs in Colombia. With every purchase you make, you’re supporting a local artisan and her children – and that makes you part of the Macaw family too.

So be loud and proud in your Macaw gear – you are changing lives for the better! While wearing the finest quality garments hand-made with love and care 💛💙❤