About Us


Hello! I am Liliana Peters, the founder of Macaw. I am a proud Colombian who loves the great outdoors, travel and to stay active. But most important of all, I am the mother of a beautiful baby girl who together with my husband have been my inspiration to embark on this amazing business adventure!

Macaw is inspired by Colombia’s picturesque colonial cities, dreamy exotic landscapes, unique fauna, colourful vibes and vitality that makes you want to “swing and sway the day away”. Macaw is all about colours, exotic prints and fun. The designs radiate confidence and add a splash of colour to women’s active lifestyle. 

But, why Colombia you may ask?

And the answer is not just because I am Colombian and I am biased! Colombia is recognised internationally as producing the highest quality textiles and materials with a highly trained and skilled manufacturing workforce within the fashion industry. The finest needlework, use of wonderful materials and skilled management have built Colombia’s reputation for beautiful attention to detail, design and craftsmanship. Medellin, Colombia’s second biggest city and the place where our garments are manufactured, is well-known as the hub of textiles in Latin America. The brands we represent offer high-quality, innovative and creative designs and it is all 100% Colombian.

Welcome to Macaw! I hope you love the collection as much as I do and thank you for supporting a small business!


The Brand

The name Macaw came about as inspiration from the beautiful Macaw bird unique to the region of South and Central America. This bird is characteristic for having the most vibrant and exotic colours and this is what Macaw represents: uniqueness, confidence, exotic colour combinations and prints.

Spread your wings and get active with Macaw!