Shorts are great options for feeling good and looking great while staying active, especially as the warmer months approach. Giving your skin a little more breathability is likely to entice you to push that little bit harder during your workout, giving a feeling of freedom. Macaw’s activewear for women is made to get you in the mood for working out, staying active and giving a confidence boost as you go about your daily routine. The shorts in the sportswear collection from the Colombian designer are cut from high performance fabric that stretches comfortably with squat-proof properties. There’s no need to worry about whether the material is stretching too thinly or becoming transparent as you squat – Macaw has you covered, so you can focus on what really matters. The technical fabric also wicks away sweat using dri-fit technology so you’ll be feeling fresh throughout your workout. This is athleisure wear made to go the distance, and by that we mean it is made to last. These shorts will withstand years of wear and tear, and are designed to hold their colour and shape through countless machine washes. Choose from a variety of energetic patterns and colours and really personalise your look for the summer season. Opting for this type of sportswear means you can hit the gym, the running track or the tennis court then head out for a casual catch up with friends or run errands right after without needing a full wardrobe change. They hit that balance between fashion and function, putting a whole lot of energy into your look. Macaw workout clothing for women is a real mood that you’re going to love. Workout clothing shouldn’t slow you down or get in the way, and that’s why these are a great option however you like to exercise.

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