When is it appropriate to wear activewear and at what point should I put on some real clothes?

Anytime anywhere activewear


2020 and 2021 are probably going to go down in the history books as the worst years ever, but it did come with a silver lining. Well, more of a stretchy, cosy lining, really.

As offices, schools and businesses closed and we spent more time at home, being comfy became an imperative. The times we did step out was to quickly grab groceries or an essential item – hardly worth squeezing into a stiff pair of jeans for.

There’s an important distinction to be made here. We didn’t start dressing down, we started dressing more comfortably. Activewear in bold colours with sheer panels, contemporary cut-outs and intricate patterns ruled wardrobes and social media accounts. Neon get-up appeared with an eye-catching flash, then disappeared just as quickly. Ombre lingers in pretty pastel shades. Bike shorts became a high-rotation staple.

It’s 2022 now, and activewear isn’t going anywhere. It’s going everywhere. In case you’re not sure of the where and how, we’ll break it down for you.

The Where.

Leggings, tank tops, bike shorts and sports bras are the ultimate transition pieces. By this we mean you can attend one event and zip off to the next and your outfit still suits the occasion. Head directly from Pilates to a breakfast date. Go from school drop-off to the supermarket. Settle in at your co-working space then out for a cocktail. There’s really nowhere that your sporty get-up won’t fit in.

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Casual activewear

The How.

One of the best things about activewear, aside from extreme comfort, is that it’s versatile. You can dress it up or down, and hit a few different vibes in between.

Casual moments call for accessories that serve up laidback attitude with your activewear.

  • Try new looks. An unbranded baseball cap, a slouchy sweater around the waist or knee-high socks paired with chunky sneakers are some of our favourites.
  • If you’re not one to follow the trends, stay close to your signature style and you can’t go wrong. As long as you’re feeling comfortable and confident, you’ve nailed it.

Elevating activewear is just as easy. A hint of make-up, a daring red lip and styled hair will quickly signal this outfit is destined for somewhere other than the gym, and here are a few other suggestions:

  • Lift your accessories game with sparkling studs, layered necklaces or stacked bracelets.
  • Shrug a leather jacket or statement blazer over your shoulders.
  • Slip on a favourite pair of heels, colourful ballerina flats or statement heels.

If you are called into work at the last minute, keep that activewear on! Here’s what you need to do to transform your look from sporty to polished and professional:

  • Slip a tailored jacket or a crisp white shirt over your tank top.
  • Style your leggings with a glossy heel or classic flat shoe.
  • Finish the look with a sweep of bronzer on your cheeks and a glossy lip.

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