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The mentality behind dressing up for the gym (and it's not all vanity)

Thinking about going to the gym and making promises to yourself you’ll squeeze a work-out in is easy. Actually getting up and going is a whole other thing – and we get it: some days it’s really hard to find the motivation to move.

Research shows that wearing gym clothes that make you feel good increases your motivation to exercise. Bright and energetic designs put a spring in your step, and that’s half the battle fought!

So next time the thoughts of ‘maybe tomorrow…’ start creeping in, pick out your favourite workout gear to hype yourself up.

Here are a few tips and tricks from us to get you moving…

Don’t wait to hit a weight goal to invest in new workout clothes

While it can be motivational to work towards certain number on the scales or hit a personal best, it’ll be that much easier to achieve if you’re already dressed for the challenge. However you’re choosing to move your body, you deserve to look your best doing it. Having the right support will help you to push a little harder and stretch a little further too.


Putting on clothes you actually like

The saying, ‘dress for the part you want, not the part you have’ is a perfect fit for the Macaw attitude towards athleisurewear, we are all about that. We design clothing for women to boost their confidence, enhance their best features and keep them comfortable whether they’re doing push-ups, pilates or picking up the kids from school. If you find yourself taking pleasure in putting on your workout clothing, and dressing for your exercise or errands as though it’s an occasion, our work here is done.

3D Magic high waist tights

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Clothing that supports you

Each Macaw piece is crafted from Colombian-made fabric that provides directional stretch, and support in all the right places. The high performance fabric shapes and sculpts the figure, and dri-fit technology wicks away sweat to keep you cool and comfortable while you exercise. It’s made to hold colour and shape through countless machine washes, and has anti-pilling properties to keep your activewear looking fresher for longer.


What to wear and how to wear it

Macaw’s bright and colour-blocked designs can be mixed and matched to suit your mood. Choose from shorts for warmer days, or full-length leggings for a little more coverage during those cool early morning work-outs. Layering tops gives a little insulation while you warm up, and can be stripped off as you work up a sweat. Colour is a proven mood booster, so embrace the bright and bold colours inspired by energetic Colombian style.

 HIT Pink high waist tights

Girl wearing pink tights


Clothing you can feel good about

Macaw is unique in that as much as we’re all about supporting you in looking good and feeling great about yourself, your purchase is helping other women to live their best lives. Each Macaw garment is expertly handmade by single mothers in Medellin, Colombia which is the home of Macaw’s founder, Liliana. We ensure these women work in safe conditions, enjoy secure employment and are paid fairly for their meticulous work.

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