How to care for your activewear - 5 quick tips

How to care for your activewear - 5 quick tips

Now that you have got your beautifully designed new activewear, which has been created with premium fabrics, detailed finishings and TLC, it is important to take good care of it.

Here are 5 quick tips to help you to look after your activewear so that your favourite sports bras, leggings and jackets are just as vibrant after every wash.


1. Wash by hand or in a mesh laundry bag

During a washing cycle clothes get twisted, so put your activewear in a garment bag or wash it by hand to ensure it is protected. It is recommended to wash your activewear as soon as possible after a workout to avoid accumulating harmful bacteria on your activewear.


2. Protect the vibrant colours!

Macaw is all about vibrant colours so turning the garments inside out before washing them will protect the colours from fading.

3. Wash in cold water and in a gentle cycle

Treat your activewear as if they were delicate items! Cold water will protect the fibers and colours in your clothing, it is gentle on your clothes and prevents shrinkage.


4. Dry in the shade

Avoid direct sun light when drying and don’t use a dryer as the heat can shrink the clothes and damage the colours.

5. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners

Washing with bleach will damage the fabric. Also avoid using any softeners as it can ruin its elasticity.

BONUS TIP! Add a tablespoon of salt when you wash your activewear for the first time as it helps to seal the colours in, keeping the clothes vibrant for a longer period of time!

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