Activewear for the Active Mum

Activewear for the Active Mum


But don't worry, you don't have to actually be a gym goer!

Gone are the days of reserving activewear solely for the gym. It’s humble origins as an essential but definitely-not-favourite component of a gym kit are long forgotten. This unassuming category of clothing has become a serious fashion statement, and we are here for it.

The choices are endless: splashes of colour, strategically placed panels, varying waistlines and lengths have made leggings an investment piece that offer freedom of styling.

Packed with personality, loaded with attitude and a secret weapon for shaping and sculpting, Macaw activewear is serving up go-to pieces that mums can look good in and feel great about. 


How to wear leggings for different occasions

The best thing about leggings is how versatile they are. The simplicity of the design means they can be dressed up or down to suit just about any occasion.

Macaw designs sculpt the figure, creating the perfect foundation for a great ensemble. The rest is up to you.

Purple Heaven high waist tights

Purple Heaven high waist tights 

Morning workouts

Skip the double espresso and opt for a double dose of athleisurewear. A matching sports bra and leggings set is a great way to inject some colour and energy into that morning routine.


Mid-week lunch dates

Macaw’s selection of activewear in pretty pastels blend the concept of mum-on-the-go with lady-who-lunches. Give yourself permission to take a break and make a lunch date that doesn’t require a wardrobe change. Simply soften your look by opting for activewear in rose or lavender hues.


Edgy evening chic

The versatility of leggings is truly demonstrated when they’re teamed with a smoky eye, leather jacket and a pair of heels. The stress of last minute dinner dates is a thing of the past. Slip into a pair of sleek dark leggings paired with a pristine white t-shirt and shrug a biker or bomber jacket over your shoulders. Explosive statement sneakers or stiletto heels both work as finishing touches that add a little extra flair.


Activewear is the new normal

The love for a great pair of leggings is shared by mums-on-the-go and high-profile celebrities all over the world. A favourite pair can take you almost anywhere, from school pick-up to sports days, breakfast dates to a work-from-home board meeting. A chic black pair (can be dressed up for a dinner: this is truly the superhero of wardrobe staples.

Living in activewear might just be the best decision you’ll ever make – and no one is judging you for it. You’ve nailed the balance between cool and comfortable. Get those leggings on and get ready to conquer the world.

Check out these active mums:

Luxe everyday instagram

Shape and support without the squash-factor

Macaw leggings are expertly designed to give a comfortable amount of stretch and support to your body in all the right places. Cut from Colombian-made fabric, the technical construction suits all body types and has a luxuriously light feel to it.

Slipping into a pair of well-made leggings give a great confidence boost as you go about your day. They should enhance and sculpt your figure, not give you claustrophobia or a sense of being squashed or strapped in.

Select your leggings based on your personal preferences and lifestyle: there is no wrong answer. High or low-waisted, capri or full-length, the choice is entirely up to you, and you’re going to rock it.


Majestic high waist tights

Majestic High Waisted tights


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